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Who Are We?

For our new volunteers and people that follow us.

We will not save them all.

We may save 1%.

We are not a rescue.

We respect and are in awe of our local rescues. We support them.

We are in the business of stabilizing cat colonies, educating people on the importance of spaying and neutering, legislation, and making community cats' lives better.

We will try to remove kittens in order to socialize and put into a shelter/rescue for adoption.

We will remove friendlies and help to get the owners found or adopted.

We find dedicated feeders.

We bring shelters.

We provide food and supplies when needed for our fosters of kittens and our community cat feeders.

We will not be bringing colonies into our homes.

It takes months to years sometimes to even socialize kittens of 4 months old and adopted.

An adult community cat may not socialize for years.

You will see death, cruelty, and sickness.

There is no shame in saying I cannot do this.

There is no shame in saying I need a break.

We leave colonies in better shape then when we found them.

They have daily food, a person who keeps track of them, shelters, and the belief that maybe humans do care for them.

We do not pay for high cost surgeries.

We will take them and surrender at an emergency vet.

We are not in competition. We welcome anyone or any group to TNVR on our street, area, or neighborhood.

We have a different way of looking at things.

We do not TNVR like other groups.

We believe in mass trapping.

We believe that we should stay in an area and not bounce around to different areas until we have completed an area.

We believe that community involvement makes all the difference.

We believe in grassroots and knocking on doors with cat ears on our heads. :)

We believe in helping the community by starting with their cats.

We don't have areas for cats to be held for recovery. We have covered porches, basements, sometimes a garage. We look at the community to be involved in our group.

We look for their help.

Our goal is to stabilize the community cat colonies and maybe, just maybe, we can stabilize the community.

Help us to help you.

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