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Ferals & Humans

This was on my memories. It's a great story. A story about a beat up feral cat...dying..but given a chance to make a difference.

Before you call them a nuisance. Before you say we need to get rid of them. Before you say they are a problem. Remember we put them there. Support your local TNR groups. They can be a community's greatest first step in recovering from the blight, the poverty, and sorrow that we all know surrounds us.

Our kids are on the streets. Our kids were abandoned by society. Forgotten. Left. You ever felt that way? I know I have been there and still have days of hopelessness. I find small victories with our "fur" kids. Its very difficult right now for me. I have what seems like a hundred hotspots and many that can't or won't wait.

Remember as your thinking to yourself that I am doing nothing to help you. I am. I stress every night. I stay up thinking about options. Problem solving. Using my money, my time, my sanity to stabilize colonies, find a way to feed them, find a way to help. Trust me I read all the messages every night. I know.

Remember we do our best every day. They say God created the universe in 7 days(I beg to differ). I'm not God. My time may take weeks. My time may take longer than you want. My time will come to you. Remember it's the feral cats that are waiting. I know I see their faces every night.

What's the saying...Rome was not built in a day. Ferals will not be fixed in a day, week, or a month.

For those that say just do something. I am. Support your local TNR group. They think about these cats daily. Volunteer to help your community. Stop thinking about yourself and do something more.

These are not just feral cats that need disposed of in your neighborhood. These are souls that can contribute. They like people are in a bad spot and just need a helping hand. Remember that. Remember we all need a helping hand to show what we are capable of doing in our short lives.

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