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Its Me. I am them.

I have started taking care of feral cats in my area approximately 6 years ago. I have worked in a approximate 7 sq mile radius. We have spayed and neutered approx 600 cats. We have found dedicated feeders, provided shelters, and help with feeding. We have worked with community leaders so that there is education and learning throughout the community. We are able to connect with our neighbors through the community cats.

I had problems with people responding to me when I would knock on doors to see if someone was feeding or if they would see these stealthy creatures at night or sneaking around humans to survive. A feral cat(community cats I call them) starts with a human either losing a cat that is not spayed or neutered or dumping them outside. Horrible I know. I have found that if I put a pair of cat ears on my head, people were likely to open the door to speak to me just to find out what I was about. It was entertaining and made people smile, laugh, and relax.

I decided to call our group Cat Ears Revolution. Our Motto: The Revolution is here....Spay & Neuter Everything. It has been difficult, but I have found a new perspective lately.

Through their eyes of pain, loneliness, and despair I have found my place. I have found that my depression has connected me to these souls. Their fear is my ptsd. Their struggle is my struggle. By connecting to them I have connected to my community. My thoughts are open through the insight of these small creatures. I feel as I help them I help myself. My thoughts are their thoughts. My eyes are their eyes. I see I can change things for them and myself.

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