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Football fundraiser

Cat Ears Revolution

Who would like to jump on the Cat Ears Revolution Steelers Football 🏈 Fun?

There are 17 regular games price is $10 per block each week.

$200 for the 1/2 and $300 for the final recorded score by the NFL. The rescue will earn $500 per game $8500 for the season!

*first come first serve for participant to choose their block-which would stay the same each week. I will do a video of a computer choosing the numbers for each week so they are random and "not set"

* I would ask each participant to pay for their block in three payments of $40 each-and one payment of $50- that way I am not chasing everyone, every week

Payment 1 $40-due prior to September 10th

Payment 2 $40-due prior to

October 8th

Payment 3 $50-due prior to November 12th

Payment 4 $40-due prior to game 15

If you would like to pay in one payment $170-due prior to September 10th.

Or two payments one of $80-1st one prior to September 10th

2nd $90 payment due prior to November 19th.

Squares will go on sale starting NOW payments are to be made to: Payment can be made with cash, check, PayPal

Venmo @catears or catears1


On any form of payment PLACE BLOCK #

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