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August Mass Trapping

******40 cats trapped*****

Summing up the day. Hard day and week for me. Productive with so much community support. That does make the difference. :)

We will have I believe 40 cats when it is done today. Trapped in approximately 4 hours. A few after that, but the majority in 4 hours. Approximately 15 locations spread out in Sheraden, Elliott, Mckees Rocks, Windgap, Bottoms, and another crew in Beechview. I know I normally don't go outside the area. Special circumstances and they rocked it in that area on their own!

Some ferals got into carriers easier. We transfer and one got out and promptly went to an upstairs bathroom. Dale Matheson to the rescue. Jeff & Claudine thanks for the use of the bathrooms...both really and taking in some foster kittens.

This was the first time I had so much outreach in the communities. My feeders, donations, and just outreach you needed help or were willing to do it yourself just save some spots. Thank you! I am horrified of the explosion this year, but pleasantly surprised at the outreach and cooperation. You showed them how a community comes together and that's everything!

Our first cat goes to the Mayor of McKees Rocks house. Although they started early, thank you for always participating. Our real first cat trap actually two in one trap goes to Judy Jessup in Sheraden. Took 5 minutes. Wow.

We will spend over 9k in spay and neutering and vetting costs of kittens and friendlies for 2023. That's 150 cats. That does not include supplies, gas, our time, and free labor. We will be having a Silver Star Hoagie Fundraiser starting tonight. I know what more can we do!? Haha 😄

Remember helping your community cats helps your community. Not just by containing your colonies. You actually get to know your neighbors. You work together. That can't be a bad thing....right. We need that now.

Blessings Everyone! We will be back out again. Stay tuned. ;)

Thank you to our volunteers! I can't do this even miserable without you! You rocked today! Now we need to get the transport set for this crew!

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